>What is this government doing? >Harassment kaliwa’t-kanan!!!

Why impeach the Supreme Court Chief Justice (CJ) with some flimsy reasons? While I stand corrected if the reasons are indeed not flimsy and/or trivial; however, based on initial news info, it seems that the basis for the impeachment are the following (these are the only points I can remember, there could be others I do not recall at the moment): (1) Undeclared income when the CJ was still a practicing lawyer; (2) Purchasing an expensive bullet proof SUV at the cost of P5M plus; (3) Making use of an expensive presidential suite in a resort; (4) Ordering the RTC not to issue a warrant against De Lima; (5) Dictating on her fellow SC justices to commit certain acts that may be unlawful. These are the five (5) points I can recall.

Allow me now to comment on them point by point.
(1) Why don’t we look at all those Tongressmen and Senatongs, etc? A lot them certainly had past incomes they may not have completely declared, so why stick to the CJ only? These Honorables should also be impeached!
(2) A reliable bullet proof SUV costing P 5M+ is actually cheap. The higher end models cost more, therefore there is no extravagance with this purchase. Just drop by the parking lots of the Senatongs and Tongressmen and you will see so many much more expensive cars (BMWs, Jaguars, Range Rovers, Benzes, Lexus, etc) all costing more than P 5M+, kaya sa palagay ko mababaw ito, besides the CJ has all the right to be provided with the best security.
(3) The CJ has already explained that the suite she and other foreign officials used are all complimentary and therefore the government did not spend a cent for their accommodation. Tell me that this holier than thou Tongressmen and Senatongs never accepted a complimentary use of a resort suite? Another mababaw na pambubutas!
(4) The CJ as the head of the Supreme Court with the SC having jurisdiction over the lower courts, the CJ certainly has some latitude to address the lowers courts in a manner she finds fit, if illegal acts were committed by the CJ then let the concerned court personnel file a complaint against the CJ.
(5) I first have to wait for more details before I can make a fairly sensible comment.
Don’t get me wrong, I am not a lackey or defender of the CJ. These officials certainly do not need my support, but as a duty to my fellow Filipinos and my country, I simply cannot sit idly and shut up, given all of this BS that is going on.
On the matter of the President wanting to cut short the tenure of the Ombudsman, what the FUCK is this all about?! Ilang buwan na lang o isang taon na lang ay hindi pa ninyo ma-antay! Por Diyos Por Santo, ano ba naman kayo!
The President’s line is the OMB’s tenure should begin counting from the time she took over from the resigned previous OMB Gutierrez, and the line of the other legal luminaries (the Senate President himself) is that the tenure of the OMB is 8 years from the time she takes office.

O MY GOD, what is going on with this government? All dissenting (albeit meek) voices are being harassed into submissiveness and/or silence. Martial Law circa 72 na ba???


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