What Kind of Change Works?

It started hundred years ago, Filipinos yearned for change. They dreamed about it. They worked for it. And after three foreign countries, they finally achieved their dream of change. The Philippines has became one if not the first to adapt the western style of democracy. A government led by the people for the people.

One of the thing that led to this change was the dream of progress. We want to manage our country and own our resources. Most of the Filipinos thought that there on the way to achieve this but to their great disappointment, it did not.

Then came the president from the North. He promised a new society for the country. A new society he brought indeed. A society of divide and a society where people are stripped of their rights. And people clamor for change.

A change did come from the Central part of the country. Through a remarkable means that made the whole world admire us. Every Juan is on euphoria and for sure they’re certain that change will now come.

And maybe change did come again. The country spiraled downward economically, spiritually, and politically. Now every Juan wants new change.

Now comes the president from the south who promised a bloody change to rebuild the country. And, we can see that the change he wants is so difficult to happen and it might turn our country to a ghost country if the means are not altered.

Looking through it, it made me think, maybe we are changing the wrong thing that’s is why we keep on destroying our country. Maybe the change we need is a change in our system of government. This system is antiquated that even first world country using it felt its drawback. It’s time to get rid of this system that was created when people used to ride on horsebacks. Maybe that’s the change we need.


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