What’s in a title? Madam Auring as Director for National Intelligence!

What is all the brouhaha about Mocha Uson’s appointment as Assistant Secretary? What is the job of an assistant secretary anyway, what is expected of her, what are her qualifications? These and many more questions are actually irrelevant. For a political appointee appointed by no less than the President, no other qualification is necessary as the appointee works and serves at the “pleasure of the President”. Let me repeat myself, “pleasure of the President.” When we speak of pleasure, I guess Miss Uson is capable and qualified to provide ample “pleasure” to the President, therefore knowing that, all these noise, nasty comments and what have you are all out of line. Inggit lang kayo at hindi kayo ang na-appoint as Ass Sec. Don’t get me wrong, I personally am not in favor of this appointment, but then again who are we to judge? Why don’t we first give her the benefit of the doubt and see how she “performs?” Ha! Ha! Ha! She is after all used to “performing,” ha ha ha ha ha. But seriously speaking, all that is needed to be appointed to these lofty positions is the trust and confidence of the appointing authority, in this case the president, therefore, we are safe to assume that Ass Sec Mocha uson most definitely has the trust and confidence of the President. How deep and how wide this thrust I mean trust is for Mocha and PDigong to let us know. Who knows, perhaps in one of the forthcoming speeches of the President he just might talk about the depth of the thrust, I mean trust and confidence he did I mean he has in Mocha Uson, which the Sec Andanar most definitely cannot provide.

After all the President is not an AC-DC or attack and collect, defend and collect, like a lot of media practitioners are. Ha Ha Ha Ha.

Actually, I would like to see our dear President appoint Madam Auring also as an Ass Sec for National Security and/or Director for Intelligence. I am sure Madam Auring would be highly qualified. Just imagine, all she has to do is look into her crystal ball and in seconds crystal clear intel is what you get. How about my suggestion Mr. President? Please consider Madam Auring as Director for National Intelligence.


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