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When People Forget that Teachers are Humans

We often hear people say that teachers are the reason why other professions are created.

Teaching is the noblest profession and more. These appreciation inspires us more to continue working in mentoring the next generation. But sometimes, it is a burden we carry all throughout our career. Because of these high regards that the people have on us, most often than not they forget that teachers are humans too.

When people forget that teachers are frail as them, they criticize us beyond limit. They scrutinize us with the most powerful microscope they had and try to bring out even the smallest mistakes. And when they bring it out, they make sure it is well magnified for all the people to see.

When people forget that teachers are human, they also forget how to forgive us. When we make mistakes they want to see us suffer. As they think our suffering bring justice to them.

Teachers are humans too. The mistakes you made is the same with theirs. They deserve forgiveness and understanding. Most of all, they deserve Love.


Red Alert

The province of Benguet is on red alert now because of the different destructive activities conducted by our brothers at the NPA. This is really sad as it disrupts everything in our community. Honestly speaking, I don’t understand what they’re fighting for. Is it really for the poor or for their self-interests only.

One thing is clear, here they don’t want compromise they want to be the one on the top. That is why they are halting negotiations. If worse comes to worst, we the civilian are the most affected. I hope they can see that and have a change of heart.#


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