“When will they ever learn?”

“When will they ever learn?”

March 14, 2015

LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS:… For although they knew God, they neither glorified him as God nor gave thanks to him, but their thinking became futile and their foolish hearts were darkened…” (Romans 1:21, the Holy Bible).

“WHEN WILL THEY EVER LEARN?” A famous song, “Where have all the flowers gone?”, contains a haunting line that even now indicates the grim future that, once more, faces a man who appears destined to lose in his second quest to become the president of his country. The line says, “Oh when will they ever learn? When will they ever learn?”

Yes, the question is, when will this man, and his supposedly-intelligent and rational advisers, ever learn? When he first pursued his ambition to become president, this man moved heaven and earth, using everything in his power and everyone in his employ, to sidetrack a critic whom he perceived then, rightly or wrongly, as someone who could pose some obstacle to his dreams.

The critic happened to be professionally situated as to enable him to create unflattering images of his loved ones, as well as to enable him to cast doubt on policies which the presidency-obsessed man formulated relative to a particular line of business which, because the companies engaged therein were Filipino-owned, clashed with the interests of foreign businessmen who were the man’s perceived patrons and friends.


THE MAN WHO FAILED TO BECOME PRESIDENT: Evidently, the man and his advisers thought that the best way to stop the critic from causing damage to his presidential ambitions was to remove him, the critic, from his profession and destroy his credibility, relying on or seizing upon trump-up charges coming from disgruntled but wealthy and powerful opponents of the people the critic was then helping.
So, the critic got suspended from his profession. And, to make sure that the critic would not be able to do any harm as the ambitious man waged his campaign to become president of his country, the suspension of the critic from his profession was made to last for three long years (that was terribly upsetting because the profession from which the critic was suspended was his only source of livelihood or decent income).
Did the man salivating to become president make it to the presidency? The rest is history, as we are all won’t to say. The man not only failed to become president, he was not even allowed to run for the presidency, because an upstart politician, whom nobody ever paid any serious attention to because of his obvious deficiencies, suddenly became the darling of the voters, as a result of a family tragedy.


GOD FROWNS UPON EVIL AND FOUL TACTICS: Now, in his second attempt to become president of his country, it is undeniable that the presidency-obsessed man has masterminded once more the decapitation, as it were, of people whom he thought can derail his presidential ambition, using the same suspension technique that he knew already backfired against him.

So, there are many who are asking, when will this man ever learn? When will he learn that employing underhanded and foul tactics just to ensure victory, especially in a presidential contest, will never be looked upon kindly by our God who sees everything, who can smell a dark heart even if it is millions and millions of miles away?

I already wrote before, and I will write it again: the presidency is a gift from God. It is therefore going to be given to those who hearts are pure, at least from the start, or before they became darkened by the perks and privileges of being in power. A man whose heart schemes, devises, and strategizes using means that are evil and foul will never be blessed by God—even if that man has the name, money, and connections to boast of.


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