Why are Poe and Chiz leading in surveys?

LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… my people are destroyed from lack of knowledge…” (Hosea 4:6, the Holy Bible).


WHY ARE POE AND CHIZ LEADING IN SURVEYS? Why is Sen. Grace Poe continuing to surge and lead in surveys among the present crop of presidential aspirants in the 2016 elections? And why is Sen. Francis Escudero also showing good in the same surveys among vice presidential candidates? What is it that they have that other candidates don’t have?

If the present trend continues, and if surveys would prove to be a truthful gauge of how Filipinos will vote in the 2016 elections and no major hitch prevents Poe and Escudero from pursuing their candidacies, then it is going to be a President Poe and a Vice President Escudero next year.

Yet, it really is still a long way to go to 2016. Some two or three years before, Vice President Jejomar Binay lorded it over among those who were considered to win the presidency in 2016, and many believed then that he was already a sure winner in next year’s polls. Until the Senate investigated him, and trumpeted his supposed corruption and plunder of Makati City.


SPIRITUALITY, AND CANDIDATES’ RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD: As part of our voters’ education campaign in this column, we shall continue to write about standards that Filipinos can use to choose who to vote for in the upcoming elections. It is my fervent prayer that what we are writing here insofar as electing the candidates that will really work for the best interests of the Filipino nation and the country as a whole will find their mark in the hearts of every voter.

I believe that the time has come to choose our candidates well, by looking at their track record over just one particular issue—the issue of spirituality, or their relationship with God, and how well they have listened to, and obeyed, God’s commands written in the Bible.

If the candidate has a healthy dose of spirituality and is a known follower of God’s commands—doing them, not simply mouthing them—then he can be a good official likewise. The first guideline therefore is: we must elect a candidate in whom the Spirit of God dwells.


GUIDELINES IN VOTING FOR A CANDIDATE: It is only the candidate in whom the Spirit of God dwells who has the fear and love of God that will allow him to discharge his duties and responsibilities as an elected official according to God’s commands, and who will be restrained from stealing and abusing.

The second guideline is: we must elect candidates who are able and knowledgeht elect candidates who are willing to be the slaves—literally and figuratively—of the people and their constituents. Too many candidates have acted like kings and queens of the people they have sworn to serve, so that they have upheld only their own personal and political interests once they got elected.


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