Why vote for the following?!

With all due respect to the readers of this column, herewith are the following candidates and the reasons I cite herein why you should vote for them, from the top most post:

For President, its DU30, there seems to be none other. Let’s take a chance, what have we got to loose that we haven’t already lost with the fumbling ups of past Presidents and most specially the current President?

For Vice President, according to my preference it would first be Robredo, Cayetano and Chiz.

For Senators- Raffy Alunan, Dick Gordon, Neri Colmenares

For Congressman of Baguio, at this point there seems to be no other than the tried and tested Manong Bernie Vergara, who at this point in his life is genuinely concerned with leaving a lasting legacy to his illustrious and long years of public service. Sa aking pagkakaalam ay desidido at determinado si Manong Bernie para magbigay ng tunay at tapat na serbisyo. However, if for some reason you do not feel like giving your most valuable vote to the tried and tested Manong Bernie, you may also want to take a chance with Mark Go and as I use the same analogy with DU30, I am certain that Mark Go cannot be worse than the incumbent Aliping. Simply put, walang mawawala sa atin kung subukan niyo rin si Mark Go.

For Mayor of Baguio, is there anyone else capable among the top 3 candidates (Domogs, Claravall, and Molintas) of handling the humongous and tough job of being Mayor of a melting pot like the City of Baguio? Unfortunately, a lot of people think that being Mayor is all glamour, power and that easy. Sorry to tell you but being Mayor of a city like Baguio is no easy job. Look at the track record of the incumbent, he has essentially had no foul ups, no increase in taxes for such a long time, the garbage situation is coming along smoothly, the market is not bad, peace & order is A-OK. Good projects like the multi-level parking that should have already materialized if not for the noisy and all-knowing baseless oppositors. I could enumerate a lot more but since I am not the Mayor’s PR man, I have said enough. But one more thing though, unlike other local chief executives, one highly admirable practice since as far as I can recall is when you go to the Mayor’s office even without an appointment whether you are a pulubi or some big shot, you will most certainly get to talk to the Mayor. It doesn’t matter if it’s past dinner time, you will be given the dignity and respect deserving a Baguio constituent. Hindi mo na kailangan ng apo-apointment, kahit abutan ka ng gabi sa opisina ni Mayor basta alam nila that you are there to see him, you will be given the time of day. Believe me, a lot of other Mayors, ang daming protocol etc bago mo makausap mismo ang Mayor. With the Baguio Mayor, that is not the case. Having said my 2 cents’ opinion, I enjoin and urge you to please vote for the incumbent Mauricio Domogan (this is after all his 3rd and last term as Mayor), and if for some reason you really do not want to vote for the incumbent, I will once again use the same analogy I use with DU30 and that is, why not try Claravall, this man can certainly do no harm to this beloved City of Baguio.

For Vice Mayor – Is there anyone else, other the Coun. Lourdes “Lulu” Tabanda??? If you have not read the recent previous comments of this paper at the “Dapat bang Iboto o Ibasura” portion then perhaps you could be mislead and commit a fatal mistake you will most likely regret by voting for the Lying and Gambler Ed Bilog. I wish I could mention Coun. Cosalan as a second option but somehow, there is just something not right about this fellow, and once we have unearthed and ascertained what it is or what they are, we will let you know about it. We have in fact already wrote to him about a certain issues, unfortunately, he has not yet given us a reply, however, since we just sent to him the letter recently (late last week) and given the ongoing campaign madness we opt to give him the benefit of the doubt. Therefore, I urge and enjoin you to give your vote to another decent and most capable city official and that person is none other than Lourdes “Lulu” Tabanda.

For City Councilors- I urge you to consider the following six (6) incumbents: Manong Roberto “Bobby-Bungo” Ortega, Manang Elaine “Kabsat” Sembrano, Faustino “Tino” Olowan, Leandro Yangot, Elmer Datuin and Peter Fianza, the incumbents I mentioned have proven time and again that they can be counted on to be at the City Council.

For new comers and 1 repeater, the following six (6) are most certainly worthy of your valued vote: Manong Erding Balajadia, Atty. Ed Avila, Atty. Benny Bomogao, Atty. Eric Ueda, Arthur Allad-iw and Architect Mylen Yaranon.


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