With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

Like what I stated on my previous articles, when human was given too much power or even a minimal taste of it, they would most of the time change color and would use their power to abuse and to advance their personal interest. The writer of the spiderman movie is absolutely right when he penned the words “with great power, comes great responsibility”.

The latest example of people abusing the power they have is the case of the student who died during the initiation in a fraternity he was trying to be a part of. A sad case of power tripping that ended one of the hope of our nation. While I understand the benefits of joining organization as such, as we know it promotes brotherhood, and it widens your network, I don’t understand why we have to physically hurt people before accepting them in the group. The worst part is they are being hurt without having the choice to defend themselves. They are just standing there taking every paddle hits till they drop, and had to stand to take more or else you’re out.

The person giving the paddle hits must be a sadistic person twisted out of the reality to not be able to sympathize with the neophyte. A result of too much that corrupted his humanity. Truly Absolute power on something with a moral guidance is a dangerous.

If we try to initiate somebody in a brotherhood, why don’t we copy the Kyokushin Karate style of promoting black belt where the candidate will face ten black belt in a fight. Of course it is a one on one fight where the candidate face one black belt after the other continuously. That would be a lot better I suppose than having a person become a chicken being prepared to become “pinikpikan”. Having said that, I would like to point out that I am against hazing. It does not prove anything just a show of your dominance over neophytes. An abuse of power.

“With great power Comes Great Responsibility”. It’s just a line from a movie you might say but with all the things happening in our world today, it is high time for us to ponder on it and reflect how it would change the world we’re living.


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