VOL. XVII NO. 23 March 22 – 28, 2014

But I am a bit worried about the MILF agreement timetable of an early plebiscite and early elections. The MILF is not ready yet to plunge into some  political exercise. Kagi Murad and the MILF  are not yet prepared politically.  They need more time to ripen. They will stand no chance at all if pitted against  the savvy and long entrenched politicians. MILF should not ever think that they will get the political  positions in the new bangsamoro entity in a silver platter in an open elections.   It is also  a mistake for the MILF to rely totally on Pres. Aquino to win the public vote. He will be a lameduck president by then, just like all others.

My unsolicited view is that the  short preparation for the holding of the plebiscite ( 2015)  and the elections (2016)may be fatal. They may have succeeded in getting an agreement. But it may not work on the ground as envisioned. If there is still time, that transition period should be further extended.  But all is not lost if no changes are made before  the March 27 signing.  Congress is still empowered to move the periods when it acts on the proposed organic law to implement the agreement. There is still a way./ADVOCACY MINDANoW FOUNDATION, INC. (AMFI)/
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