Yangot Calls for Rectification of Land Disposition

Yangot Calls for Rectification of Land Disposition

Volume XVIII No. 5 (November 8-14, 2014)

BAGUIO CITY- Councilor Leandro Yangot, Jr. has recommended several moves to recover lands, some pegged for barangay and city needs, in a speech delivered during last Monday’s session at city hall.

These include:
Passing a resolution urging the AO 504 Regional clearing committee to cancel some Townsite Sales Applications (TSA);
A resolution for the rejection of TSAs within lands for public use; and that applicants be notified;
A joint undertaking of the Local Government of Baguio and partner agencies, of clear-cut guidelines to forestall future irregularities;
· Revocation of building and fencing permits, and demolition of illegal structures;
Funds for additional staff of AO 504 as lands clearing committee;
A clear-cut meeting with concerned personalities and agencies as to city land concerns, and for cases to be filed against erring personalities;
An “honest-to goodness review” of city and barangay land titling applications;

The passage of the City Lands Use Plan (CLUP) and Zoning ordinance; and the city legal office to institute appropriate action as to a road-right of way lot claimed for other purposes by a private individual.

The move stemmed from observed cases displaying “blatant errors and brazen abuse of authority in the disposition of public lands in the city of Baguio.”

The need to cancel some TSAs is due to these being within a road lot, or its being commercial in nature, but should only be residential. There are also applications approved, due to “a clear case of grave abuse of discretion,” Yangot said.

One applicant is allegedly involved in a case … “now at the center of investigation by the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee,” the councilor further said.

There are also conflicting issuances as to the process being followed in the awarding of titles, thus the need for the agencies to set procedures and conform to it.

The speech should serve as “a wake-up call to all concerned government agencies,” with a call for suggestions and inputs.

Another privilege speech is being prepared for delivery at the council session as to ancestral land claims in the city, the councilor said./Julie G. Fianza


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